Other Creative Services

Artfuel are able to offer a number of creative services, such as Body Casting, Graphic Design, Illustration, Public Art and more.

if you are looking for a particular creative service which is not listed here, please contact us via email at for more details.
Body Casting

Body Casting & Sculpting Service, Sue Caulfield

Artfuel is pleased to announce that a Body Casting and Sculpting Service is now available. Sue Caulfield is an experienced designer and sculptor who will carry out this service in a secure and discreet space at Artfuel's premises in the centre of Doncaster.

This service is a great opportunity for clients to commission a unique piece of art that features themselves as the subject. Capture your favourite body feature, such as legs, face, front and back of the torso. or if you're pregnant and would like a keepsake, this is the ideal format.

Pregnant Casting

The Body Casting Service

Sue uses plaster bandage to cast body parts.  This process involves applying a barrier such as Vaseline or olive oil to the skin of the area that is to be cast. The bandage is then dipped into warm water and applied to the skin. This process is repeated until there are 4-5 layers, which is then left to dry. Duration is dependent on which part is being cast. For example, a cast for the front upper torso would take approximately 30–40 minutes.

Wax Casting

A basic cast - a body cast made from plaster bandage with light plaster coverage, for reinforcement. This option gives the client the opportunity to apply finishing touches such as adding colour in the form of paint and mounting it on board.

A basic cast plus finish - includes a reinforced body cast with chosen finish plus fixings for mounting.

A fully finished cast - same as option 2 plus mounted on board, ready for hanging.

A face cast finished in wax - involves casting the client's face with plaster bandage, from which a sculpture in wax is created, using the reverse of the cast.

Prices Start from £60.

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