Rent Work Through Artfuel's Art Loan Scheme

If you are interested in submitting work to Artfuel's Art Loan Scheme, we are looking for a mix of quality affordable and higher value 2D and 3D art and craft pieces.


  • Please only submit works that you wish to loan out
  • Provide full contact details
  • Maximum of 1 image per 2D work
  • Maximum of 3 images per 3D work
  • Images to be submitted as jpegs (no larger than 1MB per image)
  • Provide details of media, dimensions, title and price for each work submitted.

An Art Loan arrangement may last for 3, 6 or 12 months, where the company loaning the work will pay a fee for loaning the artwork. Once their time is up, the piece will be returned to Artfuel to be loaned out again.

If we would like to loan your work, we will be in touch to arrange delivery of piece/s to Artfuel's venue in Doncaster.

Artfuel will take commission on each piece loaned. Once payment has been received for a piece, we will transfer the monies to artist, less the commission.

Please email your submissions to

Arts Council East Street Arts