Sell Work In Gallery Shop

If you are interested in submitting work to our physical gallery shop, we are looking for a mix of quality affordable and higher value 2D and 3D art and craft pieces.


  • Please only submit works that you wish to sell
  • Provide full contact details
  • Maximum of 1 image per 2D work
  • Maximum of 3 images per 3D work
  • Images to be submitted as jpegs (no larger than 1MB per image)
  • Provide details of media, dimensions, title and price for each work submitted.

If we would like to sell your work, we will be in touch to arrange delivery of piece/s to Artfuel's venue in Doncaster.

Artfuel will take commission on each piece sold. Once payment has been received for a piece, we will transfer the monies to artist, less the commission.

Please email your submissions to

Arts Council East Street Arts