Artists Studios

Artfuel provide low-cost studio space for creatives, whether you are looking for one-off, short or long-term space.

The spaces are suitable for painters, sculptors, visual artists, designers, web designers, musicians, performers and more. Applications are by selection only and all studio holders will be asked to become members of Artfuel and offer a small amount of their time back, to create a strong, ethical and creative base and keep the spaces sustainable.

  • All of the spaces are centrally heated and double glazed
  • Kitchen and toilet facilities are available
  • Unlimited wifi is available to all studio holders
  • There is 24/7 access to the secure site
  • Private car parking should you need it
  • Incubator spaces for students
  • Studio spaces are by selection
  • Opportunities to show and sell work
  • Be a part of the open studios scheme
  • Take part in art loan scheme
  • Be a part of the Artfuel community giving time back

If you are interested in a studio, please email or call 01302 360571.

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